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It thus suggested that every individual afflicted with the illness must and ought to know this fact to prevent a relapse or an event of moods swing. Group therapy for patients with bipolar disorders responds to the need for support and reinforcement of medication management, and the need for education and support for the interpersonal difficulties that arise during the course of the disorder.

Some therapists believe in psychotherapy, some in drug therapies and others in a combination of both. They all continued to use light therapy, and all showed a sustained positive response at a three month follow-up Hopkins and Gelenberg, Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics, Volume 8, pp.

For a long time, psychologist and mental health professional believe in the involvement of genes in the development of this illness. It seems to be a good way to cure bipolar disorder, as well as eliminate and repress remissions.

Rarest symptoms were periods of loss of all interest and retardation or agitation Weisman, Nowadays, there are modern theories regarding the development of this sickness such as brain chemical imbalances, abnormalities in nerve message transfer system, electrolyte imbalances, and disruption of the body circation rhythm.

With more groups like this and the International Bipolar Foundation working towards promoting research in mental illness including bipolar disorder, it is hoped that there would be a reduction and possible elimination of bipolar disorder in the future.

This constant never changes. Psychiatric Disorders in America.

Bipolar Disorder: Diagnosis and Treatment

The Physiology of Psychological Disorders. In four controlled studies by F. Will my writer revise my paper. On the other hand, therapy helps us to get to the underlying sources of bipolar depression and helps in curing depression almost completely or to a very large extent. His group followed-up an earlier randomized controlled study where the authors found significant positive effects of cognitive therapy for relapse intervention in bipolar disorder patients.

The multiple therapeutic effects of lithium along with the complexities of mood disorders and multiplicity of affected systems inherent in the bipolar disorder show that these effects is unlikely due to a single biochemical site or action Jope, We only have to look at social media to save the day.

History of Clinical Psychology Bipolar disorder BD is a problem that attracts the attention of experts around the world.

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A double-blind study by M. How reliable is this service. No names are mentioned in the article as who participated, or as to what sex, individual ages, marital status, or socio-economic status the respondents were. Depressive episode is not just an ordinary feeling of loneliness and sadness that everybody can experience.

Based on the results, careful professional monitoring during light treatment is necessary, even for those without a history of major mood disorders.

High frequency of concomitant somatic pathology also leads to a deterioration in the quality of life of patients with bipolar disorder and a significant reduction in its duration. It needs to be complimented with psychotherapy to help people learn why and how to deal with certain aspects of their lives.

This is a form of stigmatization. Will you email me the assignment if I place the order. And the most tremendous feeling is the lost of interest in everything and loosing joy which can trigger suicidal attempts.

Diagnosis and Treatment Bipolar Disorder: When the patient is easily distracted the therapy can be reduced to a shorter session or the doctor can limit the agenda or give the patient a mental rest between shifting to another subject.

The individuals should always consult their doctor before taking prescription drugs with the non-prescription drugs. Both of these medications can be used in combination with lithium or in combination with each other. Rapid cycling mania is another presentation of bipolar disorder. What kind of reputation does EssayMasters.

Most commonly, individuals with manic episodes experience a period of depression. Non-therapeutic Treatment The question now is whether a person afflicted with mood swing can be treated with or without the use of these known therapies.

Neurobiology of bipolar disorder. Popular Therapies of Treatment Since bipolar disorder is a chronic and recurrent mental disorder, the individual afflicted with this illness is required to undergo acute and maintenance therapy in order to control and avoid falling in a cycle of mood swing relapse.

Lithium has been the primary treatment of bipolar disorder since its introduction in the 's.

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It is main function is to stabilize the cycling characteristic of bipolar disorder. In four controlled studies by F. K. Goodwin and K. R. Jamison, the overall response rate for. Bipolar disorder goes by many different names, but they are all the same disorder. Some of these include: manic depressive-disorder, bipolar mood disorder, and bipolar affective disorder.

Bipolar disorder is defined as a mood disorder that causes drastic emotional changes and mood swings. Popular Therapies of Treatment Since bipolar disorder is a chronic and recurrent mental disorder, the individual afflicted with this illness is required to undergo acute and maintenance therapy in order to control and avoid falling in a cycle of mood swing relapse.

Description Paper must be 7 pages and follow the following format in this exact order and must include all content: Also, the most recent Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders definition of Bipolar Disorder must be used in the introduction.

Title Page: APA-style* Abstract: APA-styleI. Introduction: Introduce and describe the topic. Abstract This paper will be discussing Bipolar Disorder. It will cover some of today’s diagnosis methods and treatment. The treatments covered will involve psychotherapy and antidepressant drugs.

Bipolar Disorder Many refer to Bipolar Disorder as manic-depressive disorder.

Bipolar disorder treatment essay writer
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